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The Keep Wales aLive concept came out of the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic when Live music around the world came to an abrupt halt.
The aim of the project to support the live welsh music scene throughout the pandemic and beyond.  
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Lights, Camera, Action
On May 16th 2021 the first carefully organised, socially distanced KWA event was launched supported by 

Providing a platform for musicians from all over Wales to finally break free from over a year of not performing or recording and offers the chance to appear live on a stage with a professional sound, lighting and effects crew together with a top video team to capture the moment.
Each act was given the opportunity to perform live, collaborate with their peers and leave with a superb promo video recording of the day to help their careers in the future. The organisers hope this was the first of many events around the U.K. 

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Keep Wales aLive

Okay if we had a trumpet we would be blowing it now ! and very loudly
Keep Wales aLive hosted by Martin Harris from The Stormz Community For Musical Arts rocked Aberbargoed on Sunday 16th May as 18 emerging Welsh artists unleashed 14 months of frustration with their first live performances since March 2020.
Each with their own compelling stories and motivations this cross genre celebration of live Welsh Music is a not to be missed event !!

The Line Up 
Country Stormz
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'The day has been quite emotional to be honest.  Fourteen months I've been waiting to play live with these guys and its really overwhelming.  And what a line up !!! It's a really proud moment for all the band to be here.'
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'The event was very poignant to us as our drummer Darran has suffered with Covid19, admitted to hospital, and weeks on a ventilator, it was great to have him there with us to share in the experience even though he was not able to get behind the kit. We all took something away and that is the importance of live music and how important it is to us all. It supports a vast industry. It was great to perform our music on a stage as we have not enjoyed that experience since last March so thank you to all involved in for giving us this opportunity.'


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'We was absolutely blown away by playing an actual gig, not to mention it was our first and what a way to kick it all off. We was absolutely mind blown to be chosen to play it and had the best day. All the support blew us away and being able to watch and play live music again was just amazing. We are so lucky and honoured to have had that opportunity and cannot wait to share it with the world.'

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Tomos Lewis
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‘Thanks to KWA for inviting me to play this streamed and recorded event. The event was incredibly well organised by the KWA team.  I’m so happy with the finished product and it will be so useful for promotion and getting gigs in the future.’

Tomos Lewis
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Bryony Sier
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‘The opportunity to perform at the Keep Wales Alive event was actually something I'd been looking forward to for a long time. It was the highlight of 2021 for me so far because it was the chance to perform live music again. During lockdown I've been writing a lot and playing Facebook live shows, so it felt good to finally return to the stage after a year of radio silence. When the reality of the pandemic hit us all, morale was impacted everywhere and I felt that the situation didn't look good for the music industry in particular. This show felt like a huge step forward, in terms of getting back to what could be 'considered' as the 'new normal.' I was very grateful for the opportunity and want to thank the team for asking me to be part of such a special day. Losing my Grampa last October was the hardest thing about the pandemic for myself and my family. During the show, I sang a song that I wrote about him. It felt like the perfect time to pay tribute to the amazing person that he was.’
Bryony Sier
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Keep Wales aLive

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