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The Stormz Community For Musical Arts were commissioned to run FREE activities during the Winter Of Wellbeing of 2021/2022.

The following, highlights the activities we had on offer.

A huge thankyou to RCTCBC for entrusting us again to deliver activities that support Mental Health and Wellbeing through music.
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Fun Music Workshops, collaboration, filming, recording & performing.


Music Is Powerful, provides numerous health and wellness benefits, is far reaching and accessible. 


These fun music workshops had a core focus on the benefits of music for our children’s and young people’s mental health and overall wellbeing.


Each workshop allowed up to 20 attendees to collaborate and write music and rehearse their pieces with professional musicians.  The finale to the workshops was a full day of recording a 3 – 4 minute single and documentary with professional producers, followed by a live performance at Acapela Theatre on 29th January 2022.  The intention is to release the single internationally to promote mental health awareness and well being through music.


The workshops provided a fun and inclusive environment in which children and young people worked on musical elements and will provide ongoing opportunities for those that wish.

Karaoke Club – For Children & Young People of ALL Abilities & Families.

Following our successful Karaoke Club during The Summer Of Fun we were asked several times by those attending and more as to when we will be running the club again.


These fun Karaoke sessions allowed those attending the opportunity to participate in a social / group musical activity that empowers individuals, develops confidence & self esteem, is great for wellbeing and improving mental health and making new friends.

‘The Lakeside Musical’

Musicals are well known for bringing joy to all ages.  An opportunity for people to come together and share a sing song of some of the most well-known songs enjoyed by all generations and ages. 


Neurological researchers have found that listening to music triggers the release of several neurochemicals that play a role in brain function and mental health for everyone. 


Musicals have a way of immersing us into the stories which bring connection and awareness to historic settings, political and social issues.  


Through exploration & expression musicals provide a space to empower young people. 


The sessions were delivered by coaches, musicians, lecturers, and performance art teachers.  Attendees benefitted from coaching practices including positive psychology, empowerment, mindfulness, confidence, mindset, creative engagement, professional development, critical thinking, reflection, inclusion, musical flair. 


Play Guitar

The Stormz Community For Musical Arts is proud and humbled to have been commissioned by RCTCBC Play Services to deliver music based activities during both The Summer Of Fun and Winter Of Wellbeing projects.


We have seen the real power of music to bring communities together and to develop children and young peoples confidence, self esteem and overall wellbeing and seen first hand the impact that music can have on childrens lives.


What we have been able to establish during our engagement with children, young people and their families is that many of those living in RCT have never had the opportunity to pick up and play an instrument, mostly due to financial and other socio economic factors.


As part of the Winter Of Wellbeing provision we readdressed this issue and provided opportunities for local children to access and learn to play a variety of musical instruments from the harmonica to the drums.


The Stormz Community For Musical Arts  provided the instruments, skills and knowledge of seasoned professional musicians to help deliver taster and beginner lessons in a fun and inclusive environment.

RCT Got Talent

RCT is an area of outstanding beauty with a rich heritage that we are fiercely proud of and rightly so.  From our engagement with the communities that make up RCT we also know that the future is a bright one.  The children and young people we have met have enthusiasm and talent in abundance and we are proud to be able to give them a platform to demonstrate that talent through activities funded by RCTCBC Play Services.


We wanted to provide an opportunity for the children and young people of RCT to further develop and showcase their talents through a series of musical workshops where they had access to professional practitioners in a variety of fields to include voice coaches, musicians, dancers, choreographers etc etc.


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