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The Stormz Community For Musical Arts has been commissioned to run FREE children's activities during the summer holidays of 2021.

The following, highlights the activities we have on offer including where and when they will be running.

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Inclusion & Music Tech - For children with disabilities and additional needs and families.

Alongside hi-tech assistive music technology such as Sound beam, there is a choice of low-tech, inexpensive equipment and software packages that can enable inclusive participation in music.

These sessions offer fun approaches to creating accessible music-making. From the humble microphone, through to simple accessible switches that trigger sounds and loops, there are a range of different options to enable greater involvement and creative participation for SEN/D participants or all ages and abilities.

‘I Can’t’ – Art Workshops  
For all abilities.

As our communities start to emerge from the trauma and anxiety of the last 14 months, we have found that the effects on children’s confidence and self-esteem has been profound. 

Many of the children that we have spoken to about engaging in arts-based social activities and having a go have replied ‘I can’t’. 
Many have notions that they are not creative, have no talent, that the arts aren’t accessible or for them or are crippled with low self-esteem. 

The ‘I can’t’ workshops will enable children to engage in fun, social arts-based activities that focus on destroying the notion of ‘I can’t’ and instead demonstrate that through art and musical art-based activities they can rediscover essential skills, encourage self-expression, celebrate their unique diversity, develop confidence and self-esteem and improve overall health and wellbeing.
Karaoke Club - For children with disabilities and additional needs and families.

Music is powerful, provides numerous health and wellness benefits, is far reaching and accessible.  For people with disabilities, music can offer a form of personalized therapy.

These fun karaoke sessions will allow attendees the opportunity to participate in musical activity in a social / group setting allowing the presence of their disability to fade or disappear entirely.